Monday, May 6, 2013

Episode 55 - Carolyn the Red-nosed Podcaster

No cool effects with Ravelry pages this week, and the fitness segment will be discontinued until mid-June. But things will get back to normal later this week I hope!

Etsy Shop Update!

Well, it is time to clear out some major inventory in the GFK Etsy Shop. Check out these amazing deals! Some of the stitch marker sets have been discounted as much as 50%!

Or maybe you have been eyeing some the newer ring stitch markers. I have several sets in stock for both large and small needles sizes. My current faves are the ones below, it XL!!

Or maybe something more unique is up your alley. How about these adorable little gnomes?!?! I think I might have to keep a set for myself! Hurry, I specially ordered these beads, and so there is a very limited supply!

Happy Shopping!
Your Knitting (and stitch marker making) Girlfriend