Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Episode 27 - What was I saying?

Show Notes:

News and Notes -
  • I am cheering for Amy Beth in the Sock the Vote contest. (Sorry to all the other podcasters. You are equally awesome, but I just love her campaigning!)
  • Accreditation reports for work are wearing me out, but it is winding down, which makes me happy.
  • Heading to Dallas soon for nephews birthday
Finished Objects -
  •  TKGASS square 3 out of Berroco Vintage in the pea soup colorway. Dragon scales pattern
Works in Progress - 
  • Koi in a Blender socks for Veronika out of Tempted yarn in a "triangle" pattern
  • Tall stripey socks out of Red Heart and Sole in the Spring stripes colorway
Spinning -

  • Finished the Anzula corridale fiber in the Fire colorway. Calling the skein "When there's smoke". Amy has claimed it for a hat, but says I have to design it.

Acquisitions - 
  • HO bag and Ravengers t-shirt from ACME/Stockinette Zombies
  • Safety eyes and toggles
  • Prize for Color Affection KAL - necklace from Rainlover knits
Fitness - I haven't been working out this week. Too tired.