Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun with Aimee and Darren

Well, the big surprise that I mentioned in the Ravelry group is that I am traveling this week, and had the opportunity to meet up with Aimee and Darren from the Knitting in Circles podcast. We had lunch and even recorded a podcast or two. And of course, we knit! (Or is it knitted? That always sounds funny to me. Anyway...)

It was too windy outside to film. (See my hair in the photo to the right!) And there weren't chairs in the gorgeous atrium, so we thought we would try to film in front of the view of the Gulf from my room. (See below.)

Gorgeous, yes! Ideal for filming in front of? No! So we had to settle. But in the end it worked out great!  (See photo below of Aimee and I with our knitting. Darren was there to, I promise. Who do you think we got to take the pictures?!? We voted him an "honorary girlfriend.")

 And last but not least, Aimee made me some absolutely adorable stitch markers! Aren't they too cute?
I will post the cross-over podcast soon! Check out their podcast as well, and the bonus episode with me! They are both just as nice in person as they seem on their podcast. Hugs to you both!

-Your (well-travelled) Knitting Girlfriend

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  1. How fun! Thanks for posting pics....I look forward to seeing the episode!