Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dye Pots a Cookin'

While Carolyn was busy spinning the fiber I dyed last week, we received a shipment of 80% merino 20% mohair fiber we had processed at the Wild West Fiber Mill in Colorado. The mohair is from the fleece Carolyn bought awhile back - the cute goat Eloise.
Dying this fiber was a challenge. The mohair content made it, well, hairier. In other words, there were colorful bits of hairy fiber all over me, the kitchen, and our dogs for a few days. Though this doesn't make for the most pleasant dying experience
, it makes a beautifully haloed yarn when spun (which I had Carolyn do to a sample so I could see what it would look like.)

I want to be able to produce a nice solid, as well as tonal colors, so I keep doing both. The Sun Yellow is a nice solid in a yellow that doesn't look like French's mustard (at least not when you see it in person. We really need to work on getting some lighting.) Carolyn likes the orange, and named it Autumn Sunrise. (10 points for anyone who catches that reference!) The tones shift from a light peach to a deep rust.

I still have about 2 more pounds of this fiber to play with - Anyone want me to put some in the shop?

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