Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 63 - TexasTennessee is a new state

We are back after a four month break! Amy now joins me as my permanent co-host, and she spends this episode cracking me up! Join us as we draw for several prizes and talk about upcoming goodies in the shop!

You can watch the episode on Blip, on iTunes, or now also onYouTube. We are beginning the switch over from the Blip feed routing to iTunes to routing from a separate feed from YouTube. I hope it is seamless and does not interrupt your normal way of watching the podcast.

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Until next time…


  1. lovely to see and hear both of you again. I have signed for thenewsletter xxxx

    1. Great! The next edition goes out in the morning.

  2. finally got around to reading the news letter (winter blues shawlette). Couldn't find a comments section, so putting mine here.
    1) The end products of the dying and spinning are absolutely gorgeous
    2). (whisper to Amy, what is Autumn sunrise?)
    3) is the shawl pattern truly 99.99?????
    take care,

    1. Thanks! No, the shawl is not $99.99. I have that listed as the price to keep the pattern for newsletter subscribers only. If you didn't get the newsletter on the 20th, there will be a new one out on the first, and it will have the code to use on Ravelry to get it for free.