Sunday, December 4, 2011

911 - No Knitting Time!

I am currently in Orlando, FL for a work-related conference. And between conference related activities and tourist related activities (it is Orlando, after all), I have gotten up early and fallen in bed exhausted late every day- and have not knit in 2 DAYS! There just hasn't been time!

Lately, for me, not having time to knit is crazy talk. I brought 3 projects with me - two socks I need to finish and a Christmas knitting project. I thought - lay around the pool, knit between meetings - all would be right in my world. Wrong. The meetings have been back to back with me taking diligent notes throughout, and the touristing has been non-stop walking, riding, and gawking at the awesomeness that is Disney and Universal. As a matter of fact, this has to be a short blog because I have a taxi waiting downstairs in front of the hotel. 

And this while all of my knitter friends are at the Arkansas Fiber Festival. Knitting and spinning without me! Ugh!

All I can say is ...

-Your (uber-busy) Knitting Girlfriend

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