Friday, December 30, 2011

One with Lots of Pictures

Well, I have not had a chance to post in awhile, as I have been traveling and enjoying the holidays, but...I have not slacked up on the knitting!

Here are a few knitting updates...

Finished a few knitted Christmas goodies:
Monster Toy for Rosie
She named her Lucy
Hermione Hat for Jilli
Tonks socks for Stacy
Hat for Christen
(I love the way John is
so seriously looking at it.)

Fuzzy Christmas Hat for
Miss Elle

There were a few more, but I don't have pics yet.

I started a few other projects that would have been Christmas presents if I had finished them:
Hat for John, the enabler
(too small, will probably be for Jake)
Size 11 Socks for Dad
(Might not knit too many of these!)

Even worked on a pair of socks for myself!
Slant Socks in Haunted Vineyard yarn
from Cloudlover Fiber
 Then, Christmas rolled around I was bestowed with gorgeous yarn!!
SW Merino in the
Mae West colorway
Baby Alpaca Undyed -
Super Soft

I was asked to start a few projects...

Please Aunt Carolyn, I want
a hat that matches my coat,
Spider and all!

And had fun crafting with Mom! We decorated some lovely clipboards, and discovered that they do not make a good gift for guys. (Have you managed to dig out of that hole yet, John and Dad?)
Decorated Clipboard idea
I got from Pinterest

I hope your holidays were as wonderful and productive as mine! 
- Your (picture-taking) Knitting Girlfriend

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