Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun with Gadgets

I have spent the last few days tweaking the layout and gadgets on my blog and I hope you find the changes worthwhile. Here is a description of some of the new things I have been able to do:
  1. I added a progress bar for the WIP's. It will show you what my progress is on each project, instead of just the names of what I am knitting. If you click on the name of the project, it links to my Ravelry page, where you can look at current pictures (if I have any) and details about the project. Yay, for more information! Boo, I will have to update more on Ravelry, especially with pictures. Updating takes up precious knitting time. I must really love you guys to give up that much of my knitting time, just so you can keep tabs on me!!
  2. The list of Recent FO's is now also a list of links to the Ravelry pages for each project. Here you can again see pictures (if, again, I have some posted) and the details about the final project.
  3. I added a link to my Plurk timeline. Plurk is a social media site, similar to Facebook, but right now I use it to talk to my knitting buddies. All knitting and fiber, all the time.
  4. There is now a list of the most read posts on my blog as well, so you can find the most popular posts easily. Right now, the saga of the hats is in the lead. Go, Charlotte!!
  5. There are so many great knitting blogs, podcasts, and video podcasts, that I can't possibly watch or listen to them all, but I have added a list of some of my favorites. This is by no means a complete list and if you have any suggestions for a great blog I should be reading, or podcast I should watch or listen to, just leave a comment and I will check it out.
I hope you have been enjoying my blog, and will enjoy these modifications as well. If you do like what I am doing, please leave me a comment and let me know. I love hearing who is reading my blog. 

Well, I better run. I have birthday socks to knit...
- Your (technologically savvy) Knitting Girlfriend


  1. Leave it to the math person to use percentages on a crafting site! LOL I like it. I''m wearing my Reversed Slant Birthday socks now--so cozy!

  2. Lol - So glad you like them! How about sending some pictures of yours (and Dad's) socks, so I can post them on Ravelry? Cool artsy type know you are good at that!

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