Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sock Love

As I have watched various knitting podcasts, I have noticed that knitters tend to go through 'phases' where they knit many of the same type of item. Maybe they are in the shawl phrase of their knitting career, or the sock or hat phase. Some are obsessed with Gansey sweaters, others with blankets.

So what phase am I in? I would have said that I am in a 'hat phase', with 5 hats finished as Christmas presents, and 3 hats on the needles right now. That sounds like I am obsessed with hats, right? Well, not really. Hats are just fun, quick gifts and I had a few requests.

Upon deeper analysis of the data (I am a statistician by trade, after all) I have noticed that I have knit 4 pairs of socks, with one more on my needles right now, and plans for many more. This would not seem strange to an experienced sock knitter, who would consider this amount rather small. However, do remember that when I had trouble with Amy's socks, back in min-November, I had only recently finished them, and they were my first pair!

I took a sock knitting class back in October, and knit my very first pair of socks, and it was love at first heel-turn. If I could only knit one item right now, it would be socks. Pair after pair of self-patterning socks. I have now knit a pair using magic-loop, a pair using dpns, and a pair using 2 circs. I knitted socks from the toe-up and from the cuff down. I have knit them in a plane. I have knit them in a car. I have knit them on my couch. I have knit them near and far. (Oops, went a little Dr. Seuss on you there. But it is all true.)

So, I am in my sock-knitting phase. 

Oh, btw I was told I needed to provide an update on the Amy's missing sock debacle. Amy's one missing sock was found, whole and not chewed, on a ledge of the foot board of the bed hidden by the mattress. See what happens when you decide it is time to change the sheets? Mystery's are solved. 

Yes, I have apologized to my mongrels...uh, I mean... darling dogs, for so unjustly accusing them. Said apology included, but was not limited to, hugs, treats and extra play time. I think they are looking forward to being unjustly accused again!

- Your (sock obsessed) Knitting Girlfriend

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