Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dogs Ate Amy's Sock!!

I DID have in my list of FO's First Sock for Amy. But NOW, thanks to a pack of mongrels I like to call my dogs, I have to REKNIT one of the socks. See, that is the problem with have to have two. Knitting just one isn't enough.

I have been in a war with my precious animals over these socks from the beginning. Shortly after I finished the first of the pair, one of the beasties stole it and ATE the TOE!! If they had eaten the cuff, that wouldn't have been an issue...a little ripping out, a little reknit, problem solved! But no...they are clever little rascals!!

I tried to fix it...but I did a poor job. I am still learning myself after all. (Look at the picture on the right closely. I took this one shortly after the first repair job. See the toe on the left is different than the one on the right, with a ugly seam across it.) 

With bad repair job and all, I humbly brought my project to my sock knitting class. My wonderful instructor painstakingly ripped out the bad repair job, picked up all of the stitches for me, and showed me how to reknit the toe so that when both were finally finished, I could not tell which sock had been the one repaired. (She later commented that she had never fixed a toe like that before either...I think she is a genius!)
Notice in the picture on the left, taken moments after both socks were completed, that both toes now look the same again, and there is no longer an ugly seam.

Yay! Amy has a completed pair of socks! Or at least she did for a whole WEEK! Now, one sock is missing. We have searched everywhere. Under beds, dressers, couches, and tables. In closets, drawers, bags, and shoes. Through dirty clothes and clean.

We believe we know the answer to the mystery of the lost sock...they are just too yummy for the animals to leave alone. But I can't bring myself to accept this yet. We have not yet searched the backyard for confirmation. I am too scared that is where I will find the missing sock. In a shallow unmarked grave littered with half-eaten bones and chewed twigs.

For now, I will knit Amy another sock to match the one still with us. Maybe one day soon I will be able to update this post with a note that Amy is the proud owner of a triplet of socks. Here's hoping!
-Your (dog-hating) Knitting Girlfriend

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