Friday, November 4, 2011

Burst of Rebellion

Since my first project after my return to the world of yarn had turned out fine (remember the cute little doily?), and it had been soothing, I was onto a more advanced project. I chose another doily, but a larger one, for the center of my dining room table. It involved making 12 small "doilettes" in a flower pattern and then crocheting around them to put them together in a larger flower pattern. I diligently began the pattern as directed, with the indicated hook, indicated yarn, following obediently the designers rules as dictated by the pattern. (I am a rule-follower by nature, so that is how I rolled.)

Then one day, sitting in my chair on the back porch, sipping iced tea in the hot June sun, it dawned on me. "Who is this person to tell ME what to do? Why must I listen to this designer? Is he/she GOD? Is it the LAW OF CROCHETING? 'Thy must follow all patterns to the letter.'" "NO!" I screamed! "I am a smart, independent woman with a (usually scattered) mind of her own! I can do what I want with this pattern! It is my d@&# doliy!"

With this burst of rebellion coursing through my veins, I threw caution to the wind and .... switched COLORS!!  I know, I know, not much of a rebellious act, but then if you knew me, you would understand. I was running WILD! (Think Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory going off on a wild is all relative.)

I made the small flowers in different colors and then crocheted them together in the called for white of the pattern. (I warned you I had a hard time with the rebellion thing.) It took a few weeks, and came out beautiful! (See picture below and marvel in my handy work. *grin*)

Next time, I will tell you where the knitting came into play...I promise!

-Your (sometimes rebellious) Knitting Girlfriend

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