Monday, November 7, 2011

Self-Patterning Yarns

I have become fascinated with self-patterning yarns. Sock yarns, baby jacquards...I love them all.

I was first introduced to these wonderful yarns when a fellow "yarnie" who crochets, but has never sat still long enough for me to teach her to knit, passed along some Bernat Baby Jacquard that she had bought to make the toy bunny pattern that was included on the yarn label. She had loved the yarn and loves making toys, but didn't have the time to learn to knit in order to make this particular bunny. She suggested that I make it and give it to my brother and sister-in-law, who at the time were expecting my baby niece. I eagerly agreed!

The bunny came out fabulous! It was work for someone who had never made a toy before, but I enjoyed it. Its recipients loved it as well! I spent longer on it at a given sitting than I normally might, because I wanted to see what the yarn was going to do next. I ended up making a few of these precious bunnies and each one came out better than the next. My personal favorite was a brown and blue one that I made for a friend's first child - a little boy. Isn't he cute? (The bunny...not the baby. Well, the baby is cute, too, know what I meant!)

Now that I am knitting socks, I always look for self-patterning yarns. Who would buy a solid color when you have PATTERN?!?! Maybe it is just the math-nerd in me...but I bet I am not the only pattern lover out there.

Speaking of, I have a pair of socks on the needles, so I better get back to them. Oh yeah...I finished that green hat for Charlotte! More about it later...

-Your (pattern-loving) Knitting Girlfriend


  1. Please! Keep posting! I love reading your words! I can't help but smile the entire time!

  2. Thanks, bro. I am enjoying it! Love ya!