Monday, November 7, 2011

What's in a Name

So why did I decide to name my blog "Girlfriends Knitting?" Quite simple...because of Julia Roberts. During the filming of the movie Larry Crown, Tom Hanks (whom I love), played a prank on Julia Roberts (who is known for knitting on the set). He had an assistant and the costume director prepare 50 skeins of yarn with a few rows of knitting, then passed out these knitting projects to 65 men in the crew. When Julia walked in, she began cracking up laughing, and immediately got into the spirit of the prank, talking about knitting with the guys.

Here is a small excerpt of that from access hollywood, but the line I remember most came from another video, that no longer exists on YouTube. (This one is still cute and worth the watch.)

In the longer clip, Julia says something to the effect of "All you need to get started is a girlfriend who knits!" That is how I got started, with my knitting girlfriend after grad school (love ya, Virge!) She patiently showed me how to hold my yarn and follow patterns and fix mistakes while sharing amazing red wine, bellies full from her chef-husband's amazing dinner creation of the evening. It was fabulous.

I, in turn, have become that knitting girlfriend to several of my friends and family (you all know who you are...comment below! Haha, I don't have to do ALL the writing on this blog!) I have even convinced a few of them to let me video us knitting together. (Now if I can only convince them to let me share those bloopers...uh...videos...with you.) One of these "students" of mine I now jokingly call my knitting BFF (love ya too, Veronika!) because she took to this addiction of mine so quickly that there are many nights now that we sit together watching movies and knitting and sharing our latest projects. Going to a yarn store with the two of us is NOT fun for non-knitters, just let me tell ya! (As a matter of fact, we did both of these activities last night..oh yeah!)

So now, I want to bring all of you into my world of knitting with this blog. My friend and assistant, Stacy, says it is like the borg, with me dictating... "you will now knit....bwahaha." As a matter of fact, my latest recruit to my happy world is her mother.

Won't you join me? *sends out mind-controlling impulses to make all who read this blog have an immediate urge to find yarn and needles*
-Your (ever-enabling) Knitting Girlfriend

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