Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hat Journey Continues

Since I was making a hat for Charlotte, several of my other friends/co-workers asked if I would knit them one as well. Always happy to have a new project, I cast on two other hats.

Let me note that it was I that suggested the patterns for the hats they got. Melissa - an aqua Dufton hat that went great with her beautiful red hair, and Jenn - a version of Hermione's hat from a Harry Potter movie for the die hard Potter fan.

Both had cables.

Did I mention I hate cables?

Especially when they form a lattice pattern that requires them ON EVERY ROW!!!

No? Didn't mention that? Huh...well, I didn't think about that when I picked these patterns either.

I cast the Dufton hat for Melissa on first...then quit...it was terrible. I then cast on the Hermione's hat for Jenn....then quit. It wasn't as bad, but that alternate cable cast on was rough! I then decided to knit some socks.

Two weeks later, when I found myself avoiding my friends in the halls, I told myself No More Procrastination - the hats must be finished. Which I promptly went home and completed. (You believe me, right?)

Well, the hats did indeed get finished, and everyone raved about how much they loved them, though it did seem like the story of "Carolyn and the Three Little Hats"...one was too tight, one was too girlie, and one was just right.

I will be casting on another Hermione hat tonight...if only I can forget that it has cables...

Jenn, Melissa, and Charlotte showing off their new hats.
-Your (cable-hating) Knitting Girlfriend